About The World Restaurant Awards

The World Restaurant Awards are designed to celebrate restaurants as culture, in the same way as film, art and music. That means a move away from the pop chart approach currently in vogue for restaurant awards, which tend to focus solely on luxury establishments, and returning to the traditional idea of contrasting categories judged with robust integrity in an attempt to better reflect the true range and diversity of the international restaurant scene. 

The launch edition will take place in Paris, the birthplace of the restaurant in the western world, on February 19, 2019 and will be packaged for general consumption as a must-watch broadcast for a restaurant-hungry public, one that's increasingly obsessed with eating, drinking and travel.


Joe Warwick image

Joe Warwick

Creative Director

Editor, writer, broadcaster and co-founder of ‘The World’s 50 Best Restaurants’. The third edition of his bestselling international restaurant  guide ‘Where Chefs Eat’ has just been published.

‘Expect The World Restaurant Awards to be conducted with complete integrity and make everyone think about the full gamut of the world’s great restaurants – old and new, from luxury destinations to humble institutions – and what makes them so special.’

Andrea Petrini image

Andrea Petrini

Chair of the judging panel

Editor, writer, broadcaster and creator of the  ground breaking gastronomic roadshow that is Gelinaz!, its rotating cast a mix of the world’s greatest chefs and the very latest culinary talent.

'We’d like to make The World Restaurant Awards about the pleasure of eating, drinking, travelling and forward thinking. Not the Nobel Prize for food but rather our take on the idea of an Oscars for the restaurant world, with all the sense of zeitgeist and glamour that implies.’