The World Restaurant Awards categories will change each year in collaboration and consultation with the judging panel. The 18 categories for the inaugural edition of the awards, divided into 'Big' and 'Small' plates, were conceived to champion excellence and integrity, while trying to better promote the diversity of the world's restaurant community. 

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Restaurant of the Year

Chosen from the winners of 
the other 2019 'Large Plates'  

Arrival of the Year

For new restaurants opened
Sept 1, 2017 – Sept 30, 2018

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House Special

Restaurants defined
by one particular dish

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Off-Map Destination

Remote restaurants where the
journey to get there is a story

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Original Thinking

Highlighting envelope-pushing
creativity and artistic expression

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Enduring Classic

Exceptional restaurants
open for at least 50 years

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Event of the Year

Recognising restaurant
residencies and pop-ups

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Atmosphere of the Year

Considering restaurant service,
acoustics and overall ambience

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No Reservations Required

For places where it's possible
to turn-up without a booking 

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Ethical Thinking

Rewarding environmental
and social responsibility

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Forward Drinking

Focusing on fresh ideas
in liquid refreshment

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Collaboration of the Year

Rewarding restaurants for
their work with suppliers

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The 'Small Plates' recognise contemporary cultural nuances by acknowledging the pivotal role social media now plays in the restaurant world while, with tongue firmly in cheek, attempting to subvert current gastronomic fashion with awards such as ‘Red Wine-Serving Restaurant’, ‘Tattoo-Free Chef’ and ‘Tweezer-Free Kitchen'; and also make of point of championing tradition, both culinary and literary, with 'Trolley of the Year' and 'Long-Form Journalism.'   

Instagram Account of the Year

Picked from the restaurant world's 
social media platform of choice 

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Trolley of the Year

For those that believe tableside 
service should always be in fashion    

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Tattoo-Free Chef

For toque stars whose
bodies aren't canvases

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Red Wine-Serving Restaurant

For those who shun current fashion 
by still championing the red grape

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Tweezer-Free Kitchen

Searching for a more 
hands-on style of plating

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Long-Form Journalism

Because the world still needs 
in-depth restaurant writing

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