Original Thinking Winner: Le Clarence

Le Clarence is winner of the Original Thinking category, which highlights envelope-pushing creativity and artistic expression.

Le Clarence dining room
Le Clarence artichaut frit

Behind the thick carpets and marbles of the most typically French of hotels lies the most contemporary lab one could dream of. Here there are no limits: Le Clarence is a UFO. You might expect extreme fanciness, the art of Belles Manières brought up to soften any possible edgy stuff, but on the contrary you get instead a cuisine burning like a candle at both ends, always with no safety net.

And that’s the way Christophe Pelé really is – a driving force behind the whole team, not just the chef in control. Beware! When he cooks, when he jerks into his fast-track, high-speed slang, it’s a stream of consciousness redolent of James Joyce – but so French, so so Parisian, a misfit in his most beautiful lair just behind the Champs-Elysées. Christophe Pelé is the real thing.

Look no further for the future of French cuisine. This is where accomplished perfectionism and rock’n’roll attitude merge. Fear no repetition, at Le Clarence improvisation is the breath of life. Triple wow! What a smack! Please don’t wake me up. But it’s for real and not just a dream: Le Clarence is here to stay. The only place where Fine Dining never forgets to be Fun Dining too. What a kick, indeed!


Le Clarence Huitre
Hotel Dillon